My Bikes

This will be the page where I keep a running list of the bikes (complete and partial) that are in my quiver.

2006 Masi Nuova Strada – My first bike.  I used it until 2010 when I did a frame swap and moved everything over to the Fuji.  It’s currently a frameset waiting to be build as a backup/rain bike.

2007 Fuji Team – My current road ride.  Components are nothing spectacular but it’s blinged out with the new Look Keo 2 Max pedals and a Garmin Edge 705.

1996 GT XCR 3000 – Frankenbike 1 – My 35lb. beast of a cross country mountain bike.  I’ve even run easy DH with my soft fork and V-brakes without killing myself.  When I first got it, I stripped it to the frame and did my first frame build-up with my mechanic watching.  It finally fell apart.

2005 Trek 4300 – Frankenbike 2 – The successor to Frankenbike 1.  This hardtail frame was given to me by a friend.  I proceeded to paint if flat black and put on a few bits that wouldn’t work with my older mountain bike.

2009 GT Performer – My BMX bike.  I’m still getting used to the idea of 20″ wheels.

Mid 90s Trek Mountain Track 820 – My rigid bike.  I actually fixed it up as a commuter and soon I’ll be shipping it to my brother in NYC

Mid 90s Trek Multi Track 720 – My grocery getter.  The stock Trek rack is painted to match the frame.  It needs a new saddle, since the current one is softer than a 20 year-old recliner.

Old Diamondback BMX frame – My current project bike.  Bits for it keep coming in, though I don’t have a rolling chassis yet.

Murray Splash – My wife’s bike.  It has undergone extensive modification and I believe it’s the only Murray in existence that has an XT rear derailleur.

Diamondback Response – My wife new bike.  This one is a complete build.  Here’s hoping she gets a chance to ride it some before kiddo #3 comes along.



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