Demos and Blingy Bits

Over the weekend I got a chance to ride some 2014 Diamondback Bikes and they were a blast.  Here’s my ride on Strava.

I took four bikes on short trips around Big Creek.  A Mason FS, an Overdrive Carbon Pro, a Mason HT, and a Sortie Black.  All were 29″ wheeled bikes.  I wish I could have gone longer but I had to get to work later that day.

The Mason Full Suspension is a new model for ’14 that Diamondback have been talking about for a while.  I was only able to get my hands on a small frame, but it was a fun bike to spin around, though a bit heavy to warm up on – especially since I was trying to keep up with my mechanics on one of their more XC oriented offerings.

When I rode the Overdrive Carbon Pro, I kept looking down thinking that I was on a lightweight 26″ bike.  I did miss my Ergon grips though.  My hands weren’t used to small round grips.

Next I took the Mason hardtail out and did the slalom run.  Once more I created another Big Creek victim.  I’ve brought four people out to Big Creek for the first time and the injuries have ranged from minor scrapes to a broken collarbone.  One of the part-timers was following behind me and tried to gap a double that  I rolled.  He didn’t make it.  This was the first time these demo bikes had ever been ridden and we’d trashed a derailleur hanger.

Lastly I did a slightly longer loop on the Sortie Black including a steady gravel climb of a few minutes.  This is where the blingy bits come in because the Sortie Black will come spec’d with a SRAM XX1 drivetrain for 2014.  This was my second time on XX1 after I first rode it at Interbike last September.  I came away again impressed with the system.   It is virtually silent and never missed a shift; plus I never felts like I was missing any gears.  I can’t wait until it trickles down to the X9/X7 level.  The bike also had Crank Brothers Cobalt wheels and a Kronolog dropper post.  Both worked great.  I love my Crank Brothers pedals and I’m glad that their other products lived up to my expectations.  When my mechanic rode this, he took a detour and said the bike gave him the confidence to barrel through a section of wet rocks that he wouldn’t have tried on his own bike (a titanium hardtail).

I hope we get the  Diamondback demo bikes through here again when I have more time and stronger legs.


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