Has it Been that Long?

Yes.  Yes it has.  A little over a year and a half.  582 days to be exact.  In fact, I managed to skip all of 2012 on this blog.  Here’s a few highlights of my life from the time I’ve been away.

My wife and I increased our team by one more – my little girl now has a younger brother.

My little girl got her own bike, albeit without any pedals.  She already knows she must wear a helmet to ride it and considers my swim goggles her glasses.

J's first bike!

I went to Interbike!  That was a five year goal I set for myself when I got started in the cycling industry and I’m super excited to have finally made it out to Las Vegas for the show.  However, now I’ll be sad every year when it rolls around because I now know what I’m missing.  The memory is still fairly fresh in my mind (even though it was nearly a year ago) and I’ll have to include a delayed recap soon.

I became a group ride leader for a Beginner road ride from the shop.

I started using Strava.

It’s a short list this time with big bullet points.  Despite the fact that I only added one kid, I have maybe a tenth of the free time I did before he was born.  I’m very thankful there were no more major injuries this year.  In fact, over the past few months I have picked up my running and started doing some basic body weight Crossfit style workouts, so I’m hoping to get my bad knee rehabbed to where I can run and ride pain-free for the first time in several years.

I have edited the My Bikes and Goals pages.  But I’m halfway through 2013, so I’m going to have to push hard to accomplish a few of the goals.  Most likely they’ll carry over to 2014.


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