2013 Goals

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately chasing after my two kids, so I’ve tried to place some realistic goals for myself.    Though the swimming goal has been a bit tenuous since I quit my gym membership.


Swim – 88,000 yds (50 miles, including at least two hour-long continuous swims)

Bike – 2,300 miles (the approximate distance of the Tour de France)

Run – 262 miles (10 marathons worth)

1 Road Race

1 Mountain Bike Race

1 Triathlon

1 Century ride

1 Cyclocross race

Complete the beginner’s program at the local velodrome

Build a pump track/trail in the backyard

Volunteer at 4 trail days with SORBA/IMBA

Three out-of-state rides – one of which would be a multi day trip

Keep my current running KOM on Strava and add a legitimate cycling KOM

Set a PR for both a 5k (sub 24:25) and a 10k  (sub 59:22) running


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