Visual Motivation

On the trail I play a game with myself called The Rabbit and The Fox.  No one knows I play this game but me.  I see a rider on the trail ahead and immediately I’m the Fox and they’re the Rabbit.   You’d think I would have called the game Fox and Hound or Greyhound and Rabbit, but no – Rabbit and Fox has always been what I’ve called it in my head.  I try to keep the rider in view, gaining ground slowly until I can pass them and the roles are reversed.  You know, ” the hunter becomes the hunted” or some other clichéd phrase.  Though as satisfying as overtaking my target can be, I much prefer to be the Fox.  Having that visual motivator in front of me as the Fox enables me to turn the pedals a little faster on the flats or push a little harder to get up a hill or let off the brakes a bit more while descending.  As the Rabbit, you scramble for every inch of separation you can get, often with the tiniest sound of chain slap as your only warning before the Fox overtakes you.  So watch out for the Fox behind you – you might not even know that you’re riding for your life.


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