New Toys

Everyone loves new toys.  Lately at the bike shop I’ve been feeling like Santa.  Only you have to substitute red shorts for a red coat and the thin, ever-present layer of April pollen for December snow and…well, you get the idea.  Our shop has been crazy over the last few weeks.  But our customers aren’t the only ones getting gifts since my birthday was a few weeks ago and the last of my presents has arrived.  Among the birthday cards were two major cycling related presents.  The first was a pair of carbon soled road shoes so that I can finally use the Look Keo 2 Max pedals I won from Bike Rumor.  The second was a brand new Garmin Edge 705.  The edge has been a ton of fun to play with and I love all the data I have access to after each ride.  I plan on upgrading the Edge with a map of the entire North American continent shortly.

Speaking of new toys, I heard about a contest, via Bike Rumor, which is right in line with my cycling mileage goal for this year (2,237 miles – the total length of the 2010 Tour de France).  Greenlight, a cycling community/competition site, is challenging cyclists to equal the 2010 TdF mileage before the last day of the Tour, July 25th.  You’re eligible for prizes through each day that you have recorded enough mileage.   I’m a little over halfway through the Day 1 mileage requirement.  It only takes 5 miles to be entered for the Prologue stage and possibly win a Park workstand.  So get out and ride more!  Heck, buy a new toy for motivation if the possibility of winning a prize isn’t enough.


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