Lonnie Day

I had a good friend named Lonnie who used to work at our shop.  He died recently (more on that later), but he was and is an inspiration to me.  He rode his bike more than most people I know, despite working over 60 hours a week at two jobs (and one was a graveyard shift).  Now there are times where I’ll be having what I call a “Lonnie Day” or doing a “Lonnie Workout.”  If it’s nasty out or I’m feeling tired and lazy, I’ll remind myself how after work Lonnie would wait to sleep until noon just so he could ride in the morning with his friends.  If it’s good weather outside I think about how he’d be in the middle of a ride, smiling as he ticked away the miles.  He had a goal to ride a century a month in 2009 and he was going to be close.  My goal for 2010 is to ride just one.  But I know who I’ll be thinking about the whole time.


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