Bring it on 2010!

It’s almost mid-February and by now people have forgotten their New Year’s resolutions.  Usually that would be the case with me.  But this year, I took the time to write down my recreational goals, and I’m going to share them here to keep myself reminded of the lofty ambitions instilled in me with each passing January.  So as I look back on a relatively unproductive first month, resolution-wise, I am reminded that I already have to play catch-up on a whole month’s worth of workouts.

My first resolution is to fix my right knee.  During last year’s ING Georgia Half Marathon, I injured it around mile 4 but still finished the race.  Feeling completely disoriented, I decided I’d rather go with the flow of 11,000 participants than against them.  Maybe not the best decision in retrospect, but at the time it actually hurt more when I walked than when I ran.  Eleven months later, I struggle to run 2 miles without significant pain.  I resolve to actively repair my knee: be it through stretching, weights, non-impact exercise machines, even physical therapy or any combination thereof.

Last year I had a set of mileage goals that I did not achieve, so I am going to use those as my goals again this year:

Swim – 88,000 yds (50 miles, including at least two hour-long continuous swims)

Bike – 2,237 miles (the total distance of the 2010 Tour de France)

Run – 262 miles (10 marathons worth or a long run for Dean Karnazes)

Aside from the general mileage goals, I want to participate in two cycling races (one road; one mountain) and two triathlons, as well as finish my first century ride and maybe even a cyclocross race.  I want to get involved at the velodrome here in Atlanta and complete their beginner’s program.  I want to build a pump track in my backyard.  I also plan on volunteering at 4 trail days.  There is nothing more satisfying for me than riding past the grade reversal I carved out all by myself at a local mountain bike trail. They might pass by in a split second while I’m riding, but those 15 feet of trail give me a sense of ownership far beyond anything else.


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