Time to Purge

So recently my wife has decided that I have too many cycling magazines and I’ve been set to the task of thinning out my collection.  So far the most keepers have come from Bike, Triathlete, Dirt Rag, and Outside.  The biggest losers have been Cycle Sport and Pro Cycling (though I love Pro Cycling’s website: Bike Radar).  I’m sure someone, somewhere has a reason why I ought to keep the results of the ’07 Vuelta close at hand, but I don’t see one.  The race result-based magazines have certainly taken the biggest hit, while magazines with product reviews, training tips and stories are spared the axe because they are more likely to be revisited by me in the future.  Maybe this is a sign of how my riding will be this year—shedding the unnecessary pounds to become a svelte racing machine.  Or maybe just a trimmer riding machine.  One can hope.


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